Why Guest Profiles are important for your business

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Why Guest Profiles are important for your business


Creating guest profiles can help drive more revenue for your business.

These insightful profiles are the result of all the information you, and your team, continuously collect and store from your guests before, during and after their stay at your property. This kind of data can be anything from the average rate they paid for a room, to the services they requested, an online review or even their favourite drink.

By using historical data from past bookings, hoteliers are able to make predictions about guests’ future behaviours and their spendings.The latter is extremely useful when it comes to establishing room rates.

Before technology, adjusting rates was a manual process and used as a technique to maximise profits. While the goal remains the same, technology has made it possible to not only keep track of guest’s past spendings but also to forecast how much they’re willing to spend in the future.

These days it’s absolutely crucial to have a system that gathers guest’s information instantly. That’s why we developed the GuestU Phone, a smartphone that accompanies guests during their stay and that can be beneficial for both sides. On one end it helps guests find their way around the city, by providing them with local recommendations and giving them free Wi-Fi access wherever they go. It’s also a great communication tool, that they can use to interact with the hotel staff and request services on the move.

On the other, the GuestU Phone is a powerful tool for hoteliers, enabling them with interesting data about their guests, that can be analysed and leveraged to provide more upsell opportunities, improve the guest experience and increase loyalty.

Measuring guest’s behaviours outside of the hotel can be extremely difficult without using a mobile device. This is the period where guests are most active and blocking out this information is a mistake if you want to create accurate guest profiles.

The more data you gather, the more you will know about your guests and their preferences, which gives room to personalised experiences for your guests and extra revenue for you.

Photo by Alexander Solodukhin on Unsplash

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