All your hotel units in one app only: the Group App

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The group app allows you to have all your hotel units in one app even if they’re located in different cities or countries.

Find your hotel


All your hotel units are automatically displayed and organized by distance. This means that the nearest hotel will appear in first place.


It is also possible to categorize by brands or geographical regions.






Find your hotel

  • Keep your brand identity & customization for each hotel unit.
  • Available on App Store & Google Play through a unique download.
  • More visibility for your guests about your hotel group and other hotel units.
  • City guide, booking requests, transfers and other activitiesaccording to each unit’s location.
  • Increase guest loyalty by allowing them to check their reservation details, check-in, open room door… all with the hotel app.










Now with the group app your guests can change the TV channels, open the room door, check their bill in real time, among other features.




Integrated with main PMS and hotel systems for online check-in, billing, express check-out and others.



Room Key and Room Control


Mobile key integrated with the major door locks manufacturers  |   Room control: TV Remote, Video-on-Demand, Air-conditioning, etc.


Curious? Contact us, we’re glad to explain you how it works!

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