All the information the guest desires in one App

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One thing people look for while traveling is to make the most of their stay without wasting time looking for additional information. What if your hotel could gather all the useful content for the guest in one app to make their stay more pleasurable? With the GuestU App, this is already possible!

In addition to hosting useful features for travelers, the GuestU App gathers valuable and interesting content. Providing relevant information quickly and conveniently will lead to a pleasant hotel experience.



If, for example, guests want to keep up with airport updates to see if their flights are still on schedule, it’s as simple as checking the weather forecast before heading out for a city tour.


Local Info


If they need to go to the bank to raise money, consult the nearest pharmacy in case of a headache, or even look for a restaurant around the hotel, the information is also there, easy to find.






And for those times when they want to find out about the news and what’s happening in the world, the content is available in the same application.







Making the guests’s stay smoother and optimizing their time while traveling is simpler than you think.



All flight, weather and news content is provided by the API and powered by the Nonius cloud as well as its data services. Its update occurs automatically.

The customization of information about services and local commerce is done manually for each hotel, according to the most requested points of interest for the guest.



GuestU Phone also adds value by providing direct links to the Google Maps, Uber and Cabify applications through the local information features. This way the traveler can return to the hotel or continue the tour in a practical and simple way.


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