2016’s Global Travel Statistics by HotelsPro

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2016’s Global Travel Statistics by HotelsPro


HotelsPro is an online reservation system catered for travel professionals.

Covering over 15,000 destinations worldwide, the company gives tour operators and travel agents the ability to book hotels with the lowest rates in the industry.

Their presence around the globe has allowed them to collect enough data to announce a sample of 2016’s Global Travel Statistics.

Check out our infographic above for more detailed information!

Europe was the most visited continent 

More than half the people of this study have visited Europe in 2016, making it the most visited continent of the year (58%). After Europe comes Asia with 19,5%, North America (16%), South America (2,6%), Africa (2,3%) and Oceania (1,6%).

United States was the most popular country

The US was the destination of choice in North America for 78,3% of people, followed by Canada (9,1%) and Mexico (8,7%).

2,8 days was the average duration of stay

When it comes to the duration of stay, 75% stayed between 1-3 days, while 22% booked for 4-7 days, and only 3% stayed for more than 7 days. Based on all these figures, the average duration of stay in 2016 was 2,8 days.

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