Data: the new travel currency for hoteliers

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Data: the new travel currency for hoteliers


There is no denying how much technology has evolved in the past few years and the impact it’s had in the hospitality industry.

While investments in hotel technology continue to rise, the main focus for hoteliers is still on providing a memorable experience for guests. This is where data comes in.

Data is the new travel currency in the industry. It allows hotels to get insights about their guests’ behaviour, including what services they request, their room preference, how much they spend during their stay and many other factors that help create a guest’s profile.

With this information, hotels can analyse what areas need improvement and how they can offer a more personalised stay to their guests based on their personal needs.

Larger hotels will inevitably deal with higher amounts of data. In these cases, machine learning can be a key solution, since it can quickly analyse data and help provide immediate results without taking time away from your team.

Business leaders can benefit a lot from collecting data as it can allow them to make more strategic decisions and plan future investments.

To get ahead of the competition, hotels need to be taking full advantage of data to optimise their guest’s experience.

One way to collect guest’s data and simultaneously provide them with a more convenient stay is by equipping hotels with a GuestU Phone. This smartphone works as a city guide and a communication tool, offering guests local tips as well as free international calls, free internet and a chat service that they can use to interact with the hotel staff throughout their stay.

Guests spend most of their time outside of the hotel, without technological tools like the GuestU Phone, it is nearly impossible to obtain information about guest’s behaviours. By investing more in tech devices, hoteliers can facilitate their process of analysing data and focus on delivering a personalised service to their guests.

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